In January 2005 Gary Wrightson and Steve Munro opened Fusion Dental Lab, a new dental restoration business, in Bellingham, Washington. The opening brought together artistic talents and more than 50 years of combined dental technician experience as the foundation to form a new business. The two new owners complemented their extensive technical experience with lessons learned from attending Bellingham SCORE’s “Starting Your Own Business” workshop to build a solid business strategy and a plan to move forward with the new business.

In recent years the lab has adopted new digital workflows required to utilize technology developments in the dental lab industry. Investing in new technologies has allowed the business to continue to remain competitive and grow into a seven-person lab. While embracing new technology is important, employees still use their hands and minds 100% of the time to finish cases. The saying “ Experience is not a luxury; it’s a necessity” is important in this business, and Fusion Dental has a lot of this attribute! It is well recognized within the business that success requires great help.

Having an inclusive work environment that promotes sharing of knowledge and techniques within the team, and helping each person to be as successful as possible, results in the beautiful restorations that ultimately make the business successful.

In addition, ongoing support from SCORE and other partners has provided access to many insightful people who continue to help answer key questions. Fusion Dental Lab will be proud to celebrate 14 successful years in business in January 2019!

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