As the coronavirus crisis continues to evolve, many repair and auto maintenance professionals are wondering how to minimize losses and how to continue working.

Will you be able to continue the bigger jobs you’re already booked for? What about smaller jobs and repairs that come through during the crisis? And for the projects you do continue, in addition to typical safety concerns, there’s the added need to keep workers and customers safe from the spread of the virus.

This Small Business Action Plan, created by our partner Constant Contact, can help you manage your business through difficult times and keep you moving forward.

Download the Action Plan for Repair & Maintenance Service Business to find solutions and protect your business during the coronavirus crisis, such as:

  • Protecting yourself, employees, customers and community
  • Assessing the current situation and generating both short and long-term solutions
  • Adapting your normal operations to keep business going
  • Converting to digital solutions
  • Updating your communication channels
  • Marketing your business appropriately and sensitively during this time
  • Thinking ahead and planning for the future
The Action Plan for Repair & Maintenance Service Businesses